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THE Community Education Center

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courses and training

The CEC provides educational and vocational opportunities in different adult evening courses. These courses not only provide educational opportunities, but also a space for community empowerment and leadership development. About 500 students enroll in up to 60 classes each semester, three semesters a year, each lasting 12-14 weeks. Annually, over 1,500 students attend in our wide variety of educational programs at the CEC.  All courses are offered by professionals who teach voluntarily using the syllabus developed by the Library to suit the needs of the communities. Today, many of our teachers are members of the asylum seekers and migrant workers communities, who started as students at the center and progressed to become teachers.


Our courses:


Language skills - six levels of Hebrew courses and a Hebrew course in preparation for academic studies in Hebrew, five levels of English courses, two levels of a literary Arabic course, two levels of a French course.


Computer skills - a basic and advanced computer courses, two levels of a design course in Photoshop and InDesign, a basic programming course, five levels of computer technician courses, two levels of a video editing course, a photography course.


Sewing and design center - a basic and advanced sewing course, three levels of pattern making and design courses.

The leadership team

The CEC is unique in the Israeli organizational landscape, as it involves migrant and asylum seeker communities in planning, implementing and decision-making processes. The Leadership Group is comprised of 10 members from the migrant and asylum seeker communities. It serves as the CEC’s steering committee, while also being responsible for strategic decisions and overseeing the center’s daily operation and management. Through their participation in the group, members gain organizational management skills and hands-on experience on how to lead and advocate for their communities. 


The Leadership team:

Angelina Robles (2009), John Coronado (2009), Connie Viabetta (2010), Hassan Muhammad Abdullah (2011), Hassan Abdullah Adam Yahya (2011), Amelita Shani (2014), Mary Christina Israeli (2014), Habib Muhammad (2018), Miriam Ibrahim Said Edinti (2018), 

Yemenite Asmalash Fatwi (2020).

Main accomplishments 

The number of students in the CEC reached 500 per semester in 2020

During 2019-2020 the percentage of women rose to 40% of the students

60% of CEC courses are taught by members of the migrant and asylum seeker communities, many of whom started as students in the center and graduated to teaching.

In 2019, five CEC students enrolled in the Open University after improving their Hebrew level to academic standards in CEC courses. These five students are supported by the Library through their studies.

Dozens of students have entered the labor market and improved their working conditions as a result of their participation in CEC courses.

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