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Multilingual library and ULPAN

multilingual library

The library is located in the heart of the Levinski Park, it has no walls or doors and is comprised of two bookcases, which are supported by the walls of a public shelter. The Library is open to all readers and promotes the neighborhood's diversity by offering 3500 books in 16 different languages: Tigrinya, Mandarin, English, Amharic, Romanian, Spanish, French, Arabic, Thai, Nepalese, Hindu, Tagalog and Hebrew. The library was established upon the belief that having a book in a mother tongue is a basic and fundamental human right.


Every weekend we operate a Hebrew and English Ulpan at the library. We believe that knowing the local language is an important tool for social integration and a way to improve migrants’ life in Israel. The library open space allows people to join the class anytime and the learning in the Ulpan is through conversation, shared reading and practice. The classes are free of charge for asylum seekers, migrant workers and for anyone who wish to study. The volunteer teachers are trained in teaching Hebrew as a second language and we produce new learning materials throughout the year.  Along with the important process of language acquisition, students and teachers enjoy warm and homely atmosphere and a diverse community that learns together. 

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