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Our work could not be done without our dedicated team of 120 volunteers. The professional staff provides training, accompaniment and guidance before and during volunteer activity in each of the projects.


Courses for children in a variety of fields: theater, rhythm, yoga, martial arts, dance, plastic arts, circus and more. 

Public Outdoor Activity

Volunteers who are responsible for the daily operations of the children center. Activities include joint reading sessions, games, crafts and especially, facilitating an open and safe environment.

Community Education Center

The CEC’s main goal is to offer courses and professional training to adults in various fields. Each year we hold three semesters in which different courses are offered (Hebrew, English, computer skills, editing, sewing, etc.) Courses are held every day during the week, based on the semester schedule (from 17:30 and onwards).

The Soccer Project

Soccer coaches and assistant coaches as wells as trainers in other sports hold weekly trainings for both boys and girls. Today we operate five teams for boys and girls.

Learning Center

Mentors and guides run a unique multi-age learning center for the library children. Our center encourages children to excel at their studies. Volunteers provide homework assistance along with guidance designed to build the children’s learning skills.

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