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The Garden Library (“Arteam, Interdisciplinary Art”, Registered Association number - 580474955) is a non-profit organization, which receives no government funding. Our work is made possible by the support of private organizations and individuals. We needs your support and aid in order to continue operating and supporting the refugees and migrant communities in Israel and we are grateful to all our generous donors who provide us with the resources to carry out our important work.

Bank transfer:

Account Name: Arteam, Interdisciplinary Art Team

Bank: The First International Bank (No. 31)

Branch: Rashi Yerushalayim (No. 012)

Account number: 409-196967

Check for Ordinance: Artim, Interdisciplinary Art Team.

Sending: Artim, Interdisciplinary Art Team, PO Box 1301, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.

Donation through PAYPAL


girl is writing the word dream

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