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THE Children and Youth
Education Center

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Educational activity

The Children Center serves over 200 children, and seeks to improve their wellbeing through a range of social, educational and outdoor activities. The Center provides a safe and supervised environment in which children can develop and learn. We also respond to children and parents’ emotional needs through social support groups in which all can share feelings and concerns, and gain tools and coping mechanisms to prepare for future challenges, including the difficult prospect of deportation. 

The Children Center’s activities include:

art classes

Courses for children in a variety of fields: theater, movement, rhythm, yoga, martial arts, dance, plastic arts, circus and more.

learning Center

The learning center is designed to develop and promote the children's educational abilities, with an emphasis on improving their academic achievement.

public activity

Activities that include reading, acting and joint creative workshops.

Social leadership groups

The groups encourage the participants to take an activist approach to dealing with the social and political conditions that affect their lives.

The football teams

The center has five boys and girls soccer teams. The purpose of the groups is to promote the values of equality, to create an alternative discourse that is characterized by dialogue rather than violence, to promote teamwork skills and to strengthen the sense of competence.

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